Strategic consulting, from application to point of sale.



Massive to Micro

Whether you’re building a massive facility with plans to go public, a micro operation with modest goals, or something in between the Vindica team works with you to ensure you’re prepared and poised for success. We assist with licensing, compliance, advisory and facility design for clients under the Cannabis Act, (formerly ACMPR, MMPR), Industrial Hemp Regulations and the Cannabis Act.

(Latin) to vindicate; to claim; to free -
verb: to prove that what someone said or did was right or true, after other people thought it was wrong
— Cambridge Dictionary
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Strategic Partnerships

We have curated a cooperation of the best of the best in the cannabis business to help you grow your company successfully, while staying compliant with all of the strict regulations. Not only will you receive exceptional services from our strategic partners, you’ll also receive special discounted rates only available to Vindica clients. 

Are you ready to apply for your cannabis business license?

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In The Media

Vindica has been featured as an expert in cannabis compliance in the media. Check out our latest features in The Globe and Mail, CBC, Now Magazine, High Times and more.