Application Guidance

Vindica provides end-to-end consulting services from the early stages of an application to the sales licence and beyond.  Our full suite of services includes Gap Analysis, Full Application Management, SOPs, Audit Preparation, paired with strategic advisory and planning throughout your entire application.  We walk you through every step, work with your team to meet every milestone and connect you to all of the products and service providers you need to become a successful Licensed Producer. From obtaining your license to distribution of your product, Vindica has the know how and partnerships for true full service consulting and beyond.


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Nursery Licenses

A nursery licence permits a licence holder to possess cannabis; to produce seeds, seedlings and clones including the introduction of new genetics that were previously not permitted under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes (“ACMPR”) regulations. Similar to a micro cultivation licence, a nursery licence is limited to canopy size.


Cultivation Licenses

A (standard and micro) cultivation licence permit a cultivation licence holder to possess cannabis; to obtain dried or fresh cannabis, cannabis plant seeds by cultivating, propagating and harvesting cannabis; for the purposes of testing, obtain cannabis by altering its chemical or physical properties; and to sell medical cannabis.


Processing Licenses

A (standard and micro) processing licence permit the licence holder to possess cannabis and produce cannabis other than obtaining it by propagating, cultivating, or harvesting it. This includes altering or offering to alter the chemical or physical properties of cannabis by the use of an organic solvent, such as carbon dioxide, butane, or ethanol extraction processes to produce a refined oil.


Research Licenses

A research licence authorizes the licence holder to undertake those research and development (“R&D”) activities the applicant has outlined in their application and are eventually approved by Health Canada. This can include seeking a research licence to explore innovative ideas, processes or products with respect to cannabis.


Sales Licenses

A Sale for Medical Purposes (“Sales”) licence permits the licence holder to sell cannabis for medical purposes using one of two methods: (1) where there will be possession of cannabis by the Sales licence holder; or (2) where there will be no possession of cannabis by the Sales licence holder. Possession of cannabis means the licence holder will manage the storage of finished product, and not engage in the active packaging or labelling of a product, which is not permitted under the Sales licence.